Integral Mission

Loving God and Our Neighbor in Word and Deed


A member of a self-help group in Nepal prays.

Integral mission is the sharing of the gospel through both word and deed. It is the integration of the two greatest commandments ‒ to love God and our neighbor ‒ into our lives and work. (Matthew 22:36-39)

Our ministry to restore dignity and hope to people affected by leprosy and related diseases is a fulfillment of these two commandments.

Everything we do ‒ whether providing the cure for leprosy, ensuring people receive expert care to prevent disabilities, researching ways to end leprosy, or supporting local Christian ministries and churches ‒ is motivated by our love for God and our neighbor.

Integral mission ‒ loving God and our neighbor ‒ permeates who we are and everything we do.

Integral Mission in Practice

We are a team of Christians striving to live out the two greatest commandments in word and deed (Matthew 22:37-39):

  1. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
  2. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Radio ministry at Pioneer Christian Hospital in Republic of the Congo.

Among our projects, partners and people affected by leprosy and related diseases, integral mission means:

  • Partnering with Christian hospitals, organizations and churches whenever possible, for example:
  • Supporting pastor training, discipleship, Bible studies and radio ministry
  • Bringing hope and healing to suffering people around the world
  • Loving each person we encounter as someone made in the image of God

Among our team members, integral mission means:

  • Employing Christian staff, including a Vice President of Integral Mission
  • Offering weekly staff devotions and regular prayer retreats
  • Engaging Christian coaches who are aligned with our mission
  • Praying for each other, our donors, projects, partners and affected people
  • Loving each person we encounter as someone made in the image of God

Among other Christian organizations, integral mission means:

  • Catalyzing global discussion and development of integral mission best practices
  • Leading and participating in working groups with Micah Global, the Accord Network and Christian Connections in International Health (CCIH)
  • Sponsoring leadership development training for Christian partners
  • Adopting a koinonia approach to partnership, focusing on mutual benefits and support, building trust, promoting transparency and enjoying fellowship

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