How Your Church Can Help

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, heal those who have leprosy… Freely you have received, freely give.” — Matthew 10:8

Your Church Can PrayHow Your Church Can Help

Please consider praying for our work. Prayer requests are listed on our prayer page or, to receive ministry updates, scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up to receive our e-newsletters.

Your Church Can Give

Your church can support a specific project or incorporate our ministry into your church missions. Through your partnership, you and your church can demonstrate Christ’s love by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of some of the most marginalized people in the world, those affected by leprosy and related diseases. Contact [email protected] or 1.800.543.3135 for more information.

Your Church Can Raise Awareness with VBS and Sunday School Materials

One of our most popular projects is “Pete the Pig,” inspired by a boy named Wilber who, in 1913, bought a little piglet and named him Pete. When Pete was big and fat, Wilbur took him to the market and sold him for $25. Wilbur then donated the $25 to American Leprosy Missions to help cure and care for people affected by leprosy. Today children can collect their coins in piggy banks and use that money to support the ministry of American Leprosy Missions.

Your Church Can Participate in World Leprosy Day – Sunday, January 26, 2020

For more than 60 years, on the last Sunday of January, thousands of people across the globe have stopped to remember those who suffer from leprosy. World Leprosy Day helps to focus on the needs of some of the poorest and most marginalized people in the world – those affected by leprosy.

Ways to Get Involved

WATCH:  Download this three-minute video about our ministry and show it at your church. Click on this link to download this video from Vimeo.

GIVE:  Just $30 will cure a child — helping to find, diagnose, and get medicine to those who need it. Donate now to save a child from a lifetime of suffering.

PRAY:  Please pray for our ministry and for the people affected by leprosy and related diseases that we serve around the world.

SHARE: Download the World Leprosy Day poster and display it in your church.

Thank you for partnering with us to cure people suffering from leprosy, care for those affected and ultimately end this terrible disease!