Working with Christ-centered partners around the world, we are expanding the reach of the gospel and providing critical care to people suffering from the pain and stigma of diseases like leprosy.

Edouard Vakambi in DR Congo is one of thousands of people touched by this initiative. After suffering from the effects of Buruli ulcer for years, Edouard felt hopeless about his life – until he met an evangelist in our local project.

Diagnosing neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like leprosy and the flesh-eating Buruli ulcer can be difficult. To confirm a case, special labs have to run a series of tests. It could take weeks or months before a patient knows the results of their test. Fortunately for Eunice in DR Congo, we have developed a solution that can diagnose Buruli ulcer in under an hour!

Cure | Care | End

American Leprosy Missions works to cure leprosy where we find it, care for those damaged by the disease and—thanks to an exciting medical breakthrough—actually end it in our time.

Ramnandan Mahahra

Ramnandan lived a happy life surrounded by family and friends, until one day he received the heartbreaking diagnosis of leprosy. He lost all hope and believed it would be better to die than live with the shame and stigma associated with the devastating disease. But your support gave him a second chance at life.

Bintu Idrissu

Bintu was just 14 years old when she developed painful sores on her legs, and discovered she had the devastating disease of Buruli ulcer. She was taunted and rejected, and forced to drop out of school. But your generous support gave her the cure and care, and restored her life to hope.

Sarah Atanga

Sarah is a young mom in Ghana who has suffered terribly from the flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer. But thanks to you, she’s received treatment, a skin graft and a micro-credit loan to help her set up a shop and provide for her family. Let her tell you her story.

Innovation – American Leprosy Missions

American Leprosy Missions is a Christian global health and development non-profit organization that accelerates the exploration and application of innovative solutions to stop disease and improve well-being for people affected by high-morbidity neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This includes the annual NTD Innovation Prize, which identifies and supports innovators with creative ideas to solve some of the most challenging issues posed by NTDs across the globe. More information at and

2020 NTD Innovation Prize Overview

The NTD Innovation Prize, launched in 2019 by American Leprosy Missions, is designed to encourage and support creativity and ingenuity within the sector of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). In 2020, American Leprosy Missions partnered with Novartis to offer a first-place prize of $20,000 and a second-place prize of $15,000. We received fifty abstracts from 19 countries, yielding five finalists. The winners were announced at the closing session of the virtual NTD NGO Network Conference in September 2020.

Soyeb Khan

When Soyeb Khan was diagnosed with leprosy, he refused to believe it. This terrible disease stole his livelihood, dignity and desire to live. But your compassionate support transformed his life.

A Blessing for Sarita

Sarita was just ten years old when she got leprosy. It changed her life forever. But you helped her find healing, respect and Jesus’ love.

Asha’s Story

Leprosy is an old story. But it’s one where a new page is being written every two minutes. It’s a story that still has the power to destroy lives and ravage communities. It’s Asha’s story. Meet Asha and find out how you are helping people with leprosy transform entire villages.

American Leprosy Missions in the Congo

Leprosy is embedded in the lives of people who live deep in the isolated rainforests of the Republic of the Congo. When we found Fidel, he was suffering from the most serious form of leprosy. People looked down on him, and he was called names, rebuked, and ostracized from his community. But he accepted our invitation to take a long journey to our partner, Pioneer Christian Hospital, the only medical facility in the region. And he received healing and hope.