Strategic Plan


American Leprosy Missions exists to serve as a channel of Christ’s love to persons affected by leprosy and related diseases, helping them to be healed in body and spirit and restored to lives of dignity and hope.

American Leprosy Missions is dedicated to breaking barriers to health and renewing hope for people suffering from the pain and stigma of neglected tropical diseases (NTDS) like leprosy, as we live and proclaim the gospel.

We are committed to disrupting the devastating and lifelong effects of skin NTDs, helping people heal physically and spiritually, so they can experience renewed hope and live whole lives.

To maximize our impact, we are focusing on two strategic initiatives and four strategic objectives.

Strategic Initiatives

 1.   Christian Partnership
We believe true renewal and healing is only possible through Christ. Therefore, we build and strengthen partnerships with local churches and Christian organizations strategically positioned to provide long-term, holistic services to the marginalized in their communities.

 2.   Healing
Millions of people around the globe suffer from skin NTDs like leprosy, experiencing crippling disabilities, physical pain and stigma. We work to ensure timely detection, accurate diagnosis, quality treatment and ongoing, holistic care. By training, supporting and equipping Christian partners, we help provide the resources and tools to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people affected by NTDs and help them integrate into their communities.

Strategic Objectives

1.   Technology and Innovation
Develop and provide tools and technologies our partners need to fight skin NTDs

People are affected by skin NTDs because current tools and technologies fail to mitigate and prevent them. One of our core competencies is the research and innovation required to fill this gap. Our partners share our desire to provide the tools and technologies which can solve this problem. We are
committed to finding and providing these solutions and seeing them reach the people who need them most.

 2.   Organizational Maturity
Pursue maturity as an organization in our culture and operations

We will transition to an organization that embodies and models our team values as we pursue our new approach. We commit to growing in maturity as an organization and keeping ourselves accountable to this by: pursuing excellence in decision making; establishing and following best practices, policies and processes; operating cross-functionally; and fostering spiritual growth across the organization.

3.   Funding 
Grow revenue available for accomplishing the mission

We believe individuals and the Church in the U.S. have an underlying passion to follow the model of Christ in reaching people affected by NTDs like leprosy and seeing them healed and restored. We seek to find, engage and inspire people in our mission through cultivation in a way that enables them to steward their resources to impact and grow God’s Kingdom in and through our work.

 4.   Systems
Analyze and manage data for effective decision making

We desire to optimize data timeliness, completeness and accuracy. In order to accomplish our mission, we need visibility of partner and project information all in one place. Using assessments of reporting processes, current systems, regulations and needs, we will develop a comprehensive system for managing financial and project data.