Our Approach

Our IMPACT is achieved by adopting a whole-person and whole-system approach that prioritizes early action for people affected by high-morbidity NTDs so that disease transmission is arrested, morbidity is reduced and people’s HOPE and DIGNITY is restored.

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  • Discovery of neglected people affected by NTDs earlier and faster, and make them visible to decision makers
  • Knowledge, tools and solutions to prevent, diagnose and treat disease
  • Strategic collaborations


  • All the people, systems and tools needed for early action for people affected
  • Strong, efficient data systems and tools
  • Data with policy for action
  • Health services and health workers
  • Services to promote wholeness, like WASH
  • The church


  • Target resources to get people the care they need early and often enough to prevent disability
Our activities are made possible by placing partners at the core of all we do. Through these collaborations, we achieve results at various levels:
  • Global Level: We focus on the discovery of new tools, products and drugs and fostering strategic collaborations so advanced knowledge for fast-tracked global progress can be attained and viable solutions can be deployed.
  • National Level: We support the development of nationally owned strategies for NTD action and create effective data and policy systems that will enhance health system effectiveness to improve case identification, morbidity management and disability prevention.
  • Community Level: We equip people with knowledge and self-care skills, address their emotional and spiritual needs, and target resources to strengthen existing care facilities so overall community agency and accountability can be enhanced for improved quality of life and stigma reduction.

Theory of Change