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We are happy to answer any questions you have about our global ministry to people affected by leprosy and related diseases.

What denomination are you? Do you witness to people?

American Leprosy Missions strives to present the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and deed to each person our staff and partners encounter. American Leprosy Missions is a Christian, non-denominational organization and our partner hospitals are Christian institutions. The organization and its employees adhere to a Statement of Faith. Discover more about our integral mission here.

How do you find the people who need treatment?

We partner with Christian hospitals around the world that bring the cure for leprosy to their communities and care for people affected by leprosy and related diseases. We also work with national health ministries and other organizations to identify affected populations and to train health workers who can reach remote areas, spreading the word that these diseases are curable.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, gifts are tax-deductible; receipts are issued. American Leprosy Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

How much of my donation reaches the field?

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability state that an organization must spend at least 65% of its total expenses on program activities. In fiscal year 2023, 77% of our expenses were invested directly into programs and projects around the world. The rest of our expenses went toward administration, operations, outreach and development; you can review expense breakdowns in our annual reports. American Leprosy Missions strives to be a wise steward of the funds entrusted to us and aspires to consistently send funds to those who most need them.

Can I have my donation automatically deducted from my checking account or credit card?

Your charitable gifts can be made via an electronic check or a credit card. You can set up either option on our donate page. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

Where do the majority of your donations come from?

Funding for our ministry comes from individual contributions from more than 30,000 faithful donors, legacies, grants, foundations, churches and government agencies. You can find more funding information in our annual reports.

What is your policy on designated gifts?

All gifts will be used as designated. In the unlikely event a project should become overfunded, we follow our board of directors’ policies in applying gifts to similar projects involved in the cure, care and rehabilitation of people with leprosy and related diseases.

Can I sponsor a particular person?

To help the greatest number of families, American Leprosy Missions does not use its limited resources to track distribution of funds from a specific donor to a specific individual. We use your gift where it can do the most good by combining it with the gifts of others to help transform entire communities.

Do you accept other donations, like medical supplies or clothing?

No, we cannot accept these items.

Can I make a stock gift or donate from my IRA?

Yes, you can! Please email [email protected] or call us at 1.800.543.3135 for more information on this kind of gift.

Can you give me an update on a featured story?

Sometimes we have updates about the people in our stories or blogs, but once people receive the cure or care they need, they usually return to their homes, far away from the hospitals and clinics where they were treated. We’re unable to stay in touch with them unless they return for further treatment.

Can I control how much mail I receive?

We can adjust mail schedules to meet your needs. Please email [email protected] or call us at 1.800.543.3135 to change your mail preferences.

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