The Jagruti Projects: Your 2023 Impact in India and Nepal

July 25, 2023

We have exciting results from the past year of advocacy and education in the Jagruti projects!

Jagruti–“awakening” in Sanskrit–is the name of our women-led initiatives in Bihar, India and two districts of Nepal. Local women, who completed our initial training two years ago, are reaching their villages as community health workers (CHWs), bringing life-saving information about neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices.

As they’ve built relationships, visited villages, and met with local officials, the CHWs’ confidence and determination have grown. Now, thanks to your faithful support, the Jagruti projects just finished their second year, a year full of incredible stories of change, perseverance and hope! 

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The CHWs meet with different community groups to provide information about NTDs and to help people campaign with local officials, advocating for needed changes in water and sanitation infrastructure.

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When CHWs visit schools, they can screen the children for leprosy, examine WASH facilities, and educate children and teachers about NTDs and sanitation practices. 

Jagruti – Bihar, India

Thanks to your continued support, the CHWs have been working faithfully, meeting consistently with community groups and local municipalities to make changes that will keep these villages healthy

  • Thanks to progress this last quarter, 95% of households in our area–60,367 homes– now have piped water.

  • This year, 16 village councils installed covered drainage in their areas, benefitting 7,335 households.

  • Last July we began school awareness programs, educating teachers and students about WASH and NTDs like leprosy.
    In the region where we work, there are 255 government schools. We aim to establish programs in 100 schools–thanks to your support, we’re halfway there! We’ve reached
    50 schools; that’s 259 teachers and 1483 students.

  • This year, 1133 household toilets were constructed, and one council built 18 new public toilets, as well.

  • Garbage collection has been established by 14 of the 31 village councils, providing waste management for 17,135 households!

Jagruti – Nepal 

In Nepal, the CHWs have been meeting with local women, visiting schools, and petitioning government offices for WASH infrastructure and funding. 

  • After working with villagers and municipal authorities, CHWs coordinated spraying insecticide in two communities to help control mosquitos, which spread many diseases.
  • One ward completed drainage construction, benefitting 53 households. In another district, CHWs led women’s groups in making simple drains for the rainy season.
  • Two school handwashing stations serving 1,150 students have been installed. CHWs and Jagruti staff led educational programs at nine schools, reaching 449 students.
    During one of these programs, a student reported a case of leprosy in his village–
    read what happened next!

  • The CHWs help neighborhoods and local groups advocate with government officials for services like drains, toilets, and pipes. After consistent pressure from local women, one municipality agreed to provide hand pumps for clean drinking water to “untouchable” communities and poor people. These groups are usually marginalized and ignored, but your support is giving them hope!

Your faithful partnership with us and these incredible women has made these successes possible! In places where doctors and hospitals are few and far between, where people live with the daily threat of dangerous diseases, you are affirming their dignity and renewing hope. Thank you! 


Health assessments ALM

“Before” and “after” pictures of a community drainage project–now the drains empty beneath a concrete street! 

Health assessments ALM

When we visited an “untouchable” community in April, we saw a new water pump in action. Thanks to pressure from local women, more pumps like this one are on the way for the most marginalized groups!