One Lesson Changes a Life: Field Update from Jagruti Nepal 

May 30, 2023

So often, neglected tropical diseases like leprosy destroy lives because information remains out of reach. That’s why, with your generous support, we make training and community education a central part of our programs. 

This summer, as part of our women-led Jagruti project in Nepal, project staff member Srijana visited a local school and taught the children about leprosy: how to recognize symptoms and how to seek help.  

Eleven-year-old Rohan listened carefully to Srijana’s class and asked to talk to her afterward. He said that a lady in his village had a patch on her face just like the pictures Srijana showed in class.

With just a little bit of knowledge, Rohan was about to make a huge impact in his neighbor’s life.

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Srijana taught a class at Rohan’s school, and he immediately recognized some of the symptoms she described. Because Rohan paid attention, he changed his neighbor’s life! 

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The red patch on Janki’s face had been slowly growing for a year. The progressing disease nearly impacted her sight.

The next week, Srijana and a local health officer visited Rohan’s village and met his neighbor, Janki.

Janki had a large red patch on her face that she first noticed last year and grew worse over time. After examining the patch, the health officer confirmed Rohan’s suspicions: Janki had undiagnosed leprosy.

Now — thanks to Rohan’s careful attention and Srijana’s class — Janki received the antibiotic cure just in time to prevent eye damage or even blindness. Her life has changed thanks to a critical moment of learning.

Even a simple training or presentation like Srijana gave in Rohan’s school has a profound impact in communities affected by leprosy and related diseases. Medication, treatment and care are available, but without adequate information, diseases can progress until someone faces disability, just like Janki was approaching visual impairment from leprosy.   

Thanks to your partnership, we are reaching people like Janki, who simply need someone to see them and know how to help!