Ten Steps Health Guide

American Leprosy Missions has developed a teaching guide to address cross-cutting issues common to many Neglected Tropical Diseases and other health conditions. Ten Steps: A guide for health promotion and empowerment of people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases is available for download below.

As basic care at the community level is strikingly similar across diseases, the Ten Steps health guide will enable people affected, communities and health workers to identify and address common problems early, know when and where to refer, and understand how to monitor results.  It encourages ownership and a person-centered, problem-based approach to learning where the trainer/facilitator becomes a “coach.”

Ten Steps Summary Card

Download the two-page Summary Card, a quick reference and checklist for all ten steps. 

Ten Steps Executive Summary

Download the 16-page Executive Summary, including an overview, goal and key messages for each of the ten steps.

Ten Steps: A guide for health promotion and empowerment of people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases

Ten Steps Full Guide (Large, 15MB pdf)

Individual Ten Steps Modules

The complete Ten Steps health guide is 204 pages. For those wishing to teach just a few steps, each separate module is available for download as an individual pdf.

Introduction: Terminology and Reflection on How to Give Help/Care

Step 1: Suspect, Identify and Treat Disease and/or Health Condition Early

Step 2: Eat Healthily

Step 3: Practice Good Personal and Household Cleanliness

Step 4: Care for Eyes

Step 5: Care for Skin and Nails

Step 6: Care for Wounds

Step 7: Care for Scars

Step 8: Care for Swelling (Edema)

Step 9: Care for Movement Limitations

Step 10: Use Protective Footwear


Full-Size Snellen E-Charts

Download print-quality Snellen E-Chart for adults. (Print full-size on A2 paper.)

Download print-quality Snellen E-Chart for children. (Print full-size on A4 paper.)

For More Information

Individuals or groups interested in partnering with American Leprosy Missions to pilot the implementation of the Ten Steps materials should contact Darren Schaupp, Vice President of Programs, American Leprosy Missions, at [email protected].