Miracle Partners

Save a Life…with as little as $1 a day!

Make a Miracle Happen for Someone Who’s Suffering!

Join the American Leprosy Missions Family

When you become a Miracle Partner, you are joining a group of caring, compassionate people who commit to giving consistently to save people suffering from leprosy and related diseases.

Your Monthly Gift Transforms Lives Through:

  • Supporting American Leprosy Missions with reliable funding to help us deliver the CURE and CARE to those who are suffering, no matter how poor they are or how long their treatment takes.
  • Providing surgery to correct and prevent disabilities and supplying special shoes for foot deformities.
  • Sending medical supplies and health workers into poverty zones to find and treat people who rarely get access to medical treatment.
  • Furthering research for the ultimate cure for this terrible ancient disease.

When You Become a Miracle Partner, You…

  • Make more of an impact by helping us reduce administrative costs so more funds can go towards helping more people in need.
  • Enjoy set-it-and-forget-it convenience when you give.
  • Share a bond with other Miracle Partners – people who care about those who are suffering.
  • Further the cause of Christ, making His love visible to heal our broken world.

As a Miracle Partner, you can update your recurring gift by calling our donor service team at 800.543.3135.