AIM Initiative

In 2016, American Leprosy Missions launched the AIM (Accelerating Integrated Management) Initiative to ensure every person with a neglected tropical disease has access to the health services they need.

This program focuses on partnering with ministries of health to:

  • strengthen their ability to visualize and use data, including disease mapping
  • integrate strategies and systems
  • target resources
  • improve access to care for people suffering from high-morbidity NTDs

The AIM Initiative helps ministries of health streamline efforts to bring people life-saving help before NTDs progress too far. This process leads to better and more efficient cure and care, and ultimately accelerates the end of these devastating diseases.

Recently, American Leprosy Missions, through its AIM Initiative, has supported projects in EIGHT COUNTRIES, including USAID’s Act to End NTDs | West consortium in West Africa, Reducing the Burden of Severe Stigmatizing Skin Diseases (REDRESS) in Liberia, four COR-NTD operational research studies and the launch of a morbidity management and disability prevention data study funded by the Leprosy Research Initiative in Ghana and Tanzania.

Key Accomplishments


peer advocates/family members trained


cases of NTDs identified


health workers trained in case identification, referral, and reporting


tons of medicines and supplies shipped to Liberia and distributed to 35 churches with clinics and eight health facilities