Sein Nu, Myanmar

Living in Myanmar, Sein Nu sits in her bamboo hut. Dressed in peasant’s clothes, she also wears the signs of leprosy. The bridge of her nose has collapsed. Her hands are claws, and she has lost some of her fingers. Her feet are swollen and deformed, and she’s lost some toes. And she has an ulcer on her foot. Living with Leprosy Sein Nu is 73. She got leprosy about 10 years ago. Sadly, she wasn’t able to get help when she got the disease, so it was left to do its damage, attacking her body from the inside out. But thankfully, because of your support, she was eventually cured. And also because of your support, she learned self-care and continues to receive treatment. Your Support — a Gift from God! Small and frail, Sein Nu hobbles outside and sits on a low bench to soak her foot in a basin of water. “I do soaking, scrubbing and oiling for about an hour a day,” she said. This is part of the self-care that she’s learned. Thanks to you, Sein Nu has been trained to care for her nerve-damaged hands and feet to prevent and treat wounds. “My foot aches quite a bit,” she said, rubbing her foot and applying oil. The pain is from the ulcer. “I really can’t walk properly,” she continued. “But I still do cooking and wash the clothes.” The Best Gift of All! Then, a nice surprise. A health worker walks up to Sein Nu’s hut, looking for her. Thanks to gifts from supporters like you, Sein Nu gets a visit from a health worker about every two months to check up on her and provide treatment. This time, Sein Nu is getting something special: a pair of sandals you provided that will make it easier for her to walk. What a blessing! What a gift from God! She’s thrilled to receive them and shows her thanks with a broad smile. A smile that’s really for you. Heartfelt gratitude for your gifts, given with Jesus’ love filling your heart. Donate now to provide shoes and expert, loving care to someone like Sein Nu.