Sarah, Ghana

How Your Gifts Blessed Her, in Her Own Words

Sarah is a young mom in Africa who has suffered terribly from the flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer. But thanks to you, she’s received treatment, a skin graft and a micro-credit loan to help her set up a shop and provide for her family. Let her tell you her story.

“I was 8 years old when my condition started. My parents abandoned me because of my sickness. I went to stay with my auntie. All of the doctors we visited gave us a different herb. Anytime I used one of them on my ulcer, it got worse.”

“I was very afraid. I was rejected. People used to laugh at me. They would run away from me. I felt like I wasn’t even a human being. I have never seen my parents again.”

“Before I met American Leprosy Missions, I didn’t imagine it would lead me to get my leg stable. And because my hand was involved, I couldn’t do anything. No one could help. But American Leprosy Missions has helped my wounds heal.”

“Thank you so much for the new life I have now. I am very happy. I have hope now, and I believe that for the help I have received, I will be able to work and take care of my children. My house will be filled with joy. I am very, very thankful. God bless you.”

You’ve changed Sarah’s life. And it’s because you’re acting as a channel of Jesus’ love to heal suffering people. Thank you and God bless you.