Khusbu, Nepal

Khusbu is 12 years old. She lives with her mother, older brother and sister, and younger sister in Haripur, Nepal, near our partner, Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Services Center. Several years ago, Khusbu’s father was sick and his family visited Lalgadh to get help. While they were there, Khusbu’s mother saw a poster showing leprosy skin patches; she realized that Khusbu had these patches on her leg. Lalgadh staff were able to treat Khusbu and give her the multi-drug therapy (MDT) that cures leprosy.

Thanks to your generous support, Khusbu made a full recovery from leprosy, and her school fees were paid in full with a scholarship from Lalgadh. 

But while Khusbu was doing her treatment, her father died. Her family lost their main breadwinner and faced massive debts. They sold their land to help pay their debts, but it wasn’t enough. 

During this difficult time, Khusbu’s self-help group has been a blessing to her family. Lalgadh establishes local self-help groups so people affected by leprosy can encourage each other, practice exercises to maintain their health, and work together to improve their livelihoods. Khusbu joined a group when she started treatment and she attends as regularly as possible. 

First, Khusbu’s family received a loan from the self-help group that gave them enough money to care for their buffalo. Now the buffalo produces plenty of milk that they can sell for extra income. They were able to pay back that loan, and recently received another one to build a better house.

Your gifts provide healing and hope in many different ways for people affected by leprosy and related diseases. From drug treatments and self-care training to hospital funds, you are restoring dignity to those who are often marginalized and rejected by their communities. Each of your gifts affirms that these people are seen and loved by Jesus. Thank you for your partnership!