Georgina, Ghana

Georgina is shy, yet never short of smiles, and she loves playing with her friends and reading.

You would never guess that Georgina had a terrible case of Buruli ulcer that has left her extremely scarred. At one point, the ulcer had spread all along her upper torso, taking away much of the skin and flesh from her chest, right up onto the side of her neck and over her shoulders.

But thanks to your support, she received the cure and has had several skin grafts

Your gifts also send a physiotherapist on regular visits to Georgina and other patients to make sure they are doing their stretches and keeping flexible and strong. As a result, the large scar is healing well. Georgina and her father are delighted. Thank you for making a real difference for children like Georgina. Donate now to cure and care for a child suffering from Buruli ulcer.