Sarita, Nepal

Sarita Smiling

How You Helped Her Find Healing, Respect and Jesus’ Love, in Her Own Words

“When I was 10 years old, I developed white patches on my body. All I knew was that I had a skin problem. When I was 16, I started getting ulcers, and then I knew that I had leprosy. “Village people started discriminating against me because of my ulcers. My friends withdrew from me and didn’t want to be associated with me. I even had to stop going to school. “People stopped coming to our house. They stopped speaking to me and my parents. They didn’t involve any of us socially, and they avoided us. It was very upsetting for my parents as well. Community people stopped respecting them.”

Sarita Can’t Bear to Live

“After that, my parents stopped supporting me, and that was the worst point for me.

“I did not have any hope of finding a husband or having children. I was brokenhearted. I was living in deep hopelessness. I thought that I should just kill myself because there was no point in living.”

A Light Appears

“My uncle heard about the hospital supported by American Leprosy Missions, and suggested that I go there so I could get proper treatment.

“When I came there, all of the doctors, nurses and staff treated me with love. I felt respected. I was surprised by the difference. My own community wouldn’t even touch me. Here the people were kind and loved me and weren’t afraid to touch me.”

Sarita Finds Jesus

“When I was Hindu, I was not getting what I was trying to find. When I arrived here, I started having devotions with the staff every morning. And later, when they operated on my hand, I noticed that the staff prayed before the surgery. It made a great impression on me.

“I accepted Jesus Christ, and my life changed. I felt peace and happiness inside.

“Not only am I cured from leprosy, I regained self-esteem and dignity in my community. Not only am I independent, but I am also able to help others in need. I am counseling leprosy-affected people and teaching them self-care. I have a very good life, and I have the love of Jesus Christ.”

Today Sarita Helps Others Suffering from Leprosy in Nepal

Thanks to your partnership, Sarita now works at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, helping people affected by leprosy regain dignity and hope.
Your support created this miracle for Sarita. Because of you, her life is a hymn of happiness in praise of Jesus.