Sarbasiya, Nepal

 Sarbayisa Smiling“My life was very happy before leprosy,” Sarbasiya says. A wistful look appears as she thinks about the past. “I have six children, and we had a good life. My husband was very kind to me. When he would come from work, he would see my face and tell me that I was beautiful.

“One day I noticed that I had a blister on my toe. But I couldn’t feel it. Later on, I developed a large ulcer on my foot. One of my relatives told my husband to take me to a hospital in the capital city of Kathmandu.

“When we arrived, we searched everywhere for the hospital. Because of my foot, I could not walk, so my husband carried me on his back. I started to cry. My husband kept carrying me, and we finally made it to the hospital.

sarbasiya with friends“My husband had to leave me there to get treatment. And when he returned to our village without me, he became very sick. He had a stroke and died. It was very hard for me not to be with him, and I am still missing him very much.

“When I arrived home from the hospital, I developed a new ulcer on my foot. This time, someone told me about American Leprosy Missions. I was treated for my ulcer, and I learned about self-care. I haven’t had any ulcers since.

“They told me there was a self-help group in my village. With their support, I got a loan and bought one cow. It had four babies that I could sell. And I am very happy to be doing that business. Today, I am very happy with my life!”

Your faithful support changed Sarbasiya’s life. Thank you!