Walking into History!


Partner Hospital Produces First-Ever Below-the-Knee Prosthesis

Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital

The staff at our partner hospital in Nepal ‒ Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital ‒ are no strangers to minor miracles. It’s one of the busiest leprosy hospitals in the entire world, with 1,207 new leprosy patients last year alone, along with 12,396 leprosy consultations. With so many men, women, and children coming here seeking treatment for this terrible disease, the staff routinely works wonders despite limited financial resources. The hospital experiences daily victories in the fight against leprosy and many other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Sushil’s Miracle

But there was a special miracle on March 10, 2019, when Lalgadh Hospital produced their first below-knee prosthesis for 22-year-old Sushil at the new footwear and prosthetics department that you helped build.

Sushil was forced to have his left leg amputated below the knee because of complications from leprosy. But thanks to your support, he had a special opportunity to rebuild his future.Once Sushil’s skin had recovered from his surgery, the staff was able to fit him with his customized prosthetic leg – the first one ever made at Lalgadh Hospital. After several fittings, he got his new leg on March 10, and has been thrilled to begin walking again.

Sushil joyfully talks about rebuilding not just his mobility but his entire future, getting on with his life without worrying about the disabilities – or social stigma – that come with a leprosy diagnosis. With additional support from American Leprosy Missions and our caring donors, thousands of people like Sushil will have their mobility restored, which brings new hope for those who thought they’d lost it forever.

The Gift of Mobility

Thanks to the help of friends like YOU, Sushil is moving forward with his life in a spirit of optimism. Your gifts helped us build and equip the new footwear and prosthesis unit, and your continued support will bring the miracle of mobility to more people in the months ahead. Thank YOU and may God bless you for your caring support!

Thanks to your support, Lalagadh Hospital in Nepal can now make prosthetics for people suffering from leprosy.

Sushil now has the gift of mobility, thanks to your partnership.