7,091 Pounds of Life-Changing Help

Sep 13, 2018

Doctors and health workers in central Ghana do not have the basic medicines and supplies their patients need. Illnesses and infections go untreated. Pharmacies in clinics and hospitals are empty. Patients need to travel long distances in search of medicines. But all that changed when you stepped in to help.
Ghana Shipments

Pallets of critical medicines and supplies arrive in Ghana.

Thanks to your support, 22 pallets of medical supplies and medicines weighing 7,091 pounds arrived in Ghana in July 2018. Contents included syringes, pain killers, urine test kits, heavy duty scrub sponges, blood collection sets and wound dressing materials.
Boxes Stacked
Boxes of supplies you sent are being prepared for distribution to clinics.
These critical supplies and medicines ‒ and many more ‒ are being put to use in health facilities in six districts. Our partner in Ghana, SMAid International, says, “We are indebted to American Leprosy Missions for the shipment of these drugs to Ghana to help reach out to the vulnerable and marginalized in the districts and communities where we operate.”
Team and boxes of supplies

The team at our partner agency in Ghana is grateful for your incredible support.

You have made a real difference for the thousands of men, women and children who now have access to medicines and medical supplies. Thank you.