Precious Medical Supplies Save Lives in Africa

POSTED ON: MAY 3, 2018

Thanks to your generosity, more than 100 boxes of critical medicines and medical supplies were sent to the Central African Republic earlier this year.

The medicines you sent went deep into poverty zones to help suffering people who lack access to basic medicine and medical supplies that you or I could easily get at the corner drug store.

The antibiotics, syringes, vitamins, pain relievers, bandages and other medicines and supplies were put to use right away in all the health centers in the region where our partners work.

Our partners told us, “When we spoke to the health personnel of the pharmacies, they were all very grateful for the received medicines and they all hope that this support will also continue in the future to help them assuring that the necessary medicine for their patients is available.”

Thank you for paying the cost of shipping and handling so people suffering from leprosy and related diseases can get these life-saving medicines.

Photos courtesy of our partner FAIRMED

Thanks to your support, these women and children received treatment and care.

The pharmacist at one of the clinics stands proudly in front of the pharmacy where the shelves are now stocked, thanks to you.

Patient room at one of the hospitals, where the need is great, and your support is making a difference!

One of the health centers in the Central African Republic where your gifts sent precious medicines and supplies.

Ikoumba Health Center pharmacist shows off the medicines and supplies you sent.