Unsung Heroes in the Fight Against Leprosy

 Health workers are on the front lines of the work to bring life-changing cure and care to people suffering from leprosy and related diseases. Each health worker has the opportunity to impact hundreds of people in the most remote and underserved areas of our planet. So we equip, train, partner, counsel and collaborate with health workers in Africa, Asia and South America each year. Then they can recognize and treat leprosy and related diseases, properly care for wounds and equip suffering people to care for themselves.

Whether it’s sending our experts to remote corners of the earth or producing free health worker training materials like the Ten Steps Health Guide – you make it possible for us to reach suffering people with expert, compassionate care. Thank you!

A nurse from Lalgadh Hospital in Nepal checks a patient during one of the regular community clinics held in the villages surrounding the hospital.

Staff from our partner hospital, IME Kimpese in the DR Congo, train lab workers how to confirm a Buruli ulcer diagnosis.