A Happy World Christmas

In the country of Nepal, where more than 80% of the population is Hindu, a dog named Happy is sharing about the love of Jesus with children.

Happy, a loveable large dog, is the host of a popular Christian television show for children called Happy’s World. This past December, Happy had something new and exciting to share with his viewers, a special Christmas program. Thanks to your support, this program about the true meaning of Christmas was produced completely from scratch in Nepal and broadcast for the first time the Wednesday before Christmas.

In the program, Happy and his human co-host, Didi, welcome a group of children who decorate a Christmas tree and exchange gifts, then begin asking questions about the traditions and meaning of Christmas.

The answers build up to the story of Jesus and present the events and purpose of his birth in a way that is understandable and non-threatening. All the actors, except for the co-host Didi, are children.

Happy’s World, which airs weekly, is one of the most popular children’s programs in Nepal. This new Christmas program, that you helped make possible, has communicated the true meaning of Christmas to several hundred thousand Nepali kids.

And its impact will continue to grow. The program will be distributed to Nepalese churches and broadcast every Christmas for the next five years.

Says our partner in Nepal, “I dreamed of producing this Christmas special for about five years. I believe it will bear good fruit in the years to come and I thank all of you for your prayers and support.”

Thank you for working through us and our partners around the world to share the love of Jesus.

Didi and Happy co-host the popular Nepali children’s show Happy’s World

Filming the arrival of the Magi, played by Nepali children

Happy and the children take a break from Christmas caroling