Vital Medical Supplies Sent to Poverty Zones

The staff and patients at Ganta leprosy center thank you.

The staff and patients at Ganta Leprosy Center thank you.

Your generous gifts are sending millions of dollars of medicine and medical supplies into poverty zones around the world so that people with leprosy and related diseases can receive treatment and care. These precious supplies include bandages, antibiotics, antiseptics and other medical supplies that doctors, nurses and health workers desperately need.

Medical supplies are life-changing for people with leprosy and related diseases.

Medical supplies are life-changing for people with leprosy.

Thanks to your support, this year we’ve sent $3.6 million of donated medicine and supplies to Liberia, the Central African Republic and Nepal.

We received the following letter of thanks from Sister Augusta Galbusera, the administrator at our partner hospital in Liberia, Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehabilitation Center:

  • “We thank you and your partners for the generous donation; it will help to offer a better service to the people coming for treatment. Mother Theresa of Calcutta used to say that ‘we are a pencil in the hand of God.’ Thanks for being this pencil that writes a letter to our patients, telling them how much they are loved and cared for. May the Lord bless and reward you for your kindness.”

Your compassionate gifts mean that suffering people can finally receive the help they need. Thank you! You’re making this good work possible.