Transforming Lives

Six Ways Your Support Transforms Lives

When you give to American Leprosy Missions, you’re part of a network of compassion and support for suffering people.

  1. You provide care and the cure. Your gifts send compassionate care and the cure to people with leprosy and related diseases. No matter how poor they are, or how long their treatment takes, people who are transforming livessuffering receive help.
  2. You prevent disabilities. Your gifts provide surgery to correct and prevent disabilities,supply special shoes for foot deformities, and much more, so leprosy patients can look forward to productive lives.
  3. You make early treatment possible. Your gifts send medical supplies into poverty zones and teams of health workers into remote mountain areas, crowded cities, and deep jungle villages to find and treat people who rarely get access to medical treatment.
  4. You are furthering research. Advances in detecting,treating and even preventing leprosy are happening all the time,and your gifts help support these lifesaving efforts.
  5. You fight hunger and poverty. Because leprosy is a disease of poverty, your gifts provide safe water, sustainable food, education, job training, micro-business opportunities, and more to develop stable, growing communities where people can thrive.
  6. You send Jesus’ love. People with leprosy are often shunned and scorned, so they turn to Jesus for solace. Your gifts help by providing Bibles and other life-changing spiritual resources, like the Jesus film, a moving depiction of the life and message of Jesus Christ.

You are transforming lives. Thank you!

Your gifts do real, lasting good for suffering people. Please give now with God’s love in your heart. Donate now.