Ten Steps Comprehensive Guide for Health Promotion and Empowerment Published

Training Guide Addresses Issues Common to Many Neglected Tropical Diseases

American Leprosy Missions has developed and published a training guide to address health issues common to many Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other health conditions. Ten Steps: A guide for health promotion and empowerment of people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases was created with the help of a world-renowned group of experts across the disability and NTD communities.

Since basic care at the community level is strikingly similar across diseases, this guide facilitates and promotes integrated, cross-cutting approaches to a range of issues including suspecting disease, healthy eating, personal cleanliness, eye care, protective footwear, and care of the skin and nails, edema, movement limitations, wounds and scars.

The Ten Steps guide will enable people affected, communities and health workers to:

  • identify and address common problems early,
  • take appropriate actions to prevent or minimize complications,
  • know when and where to refer, and
  • understand how to monitor results.

By empowering people to competently and confidently face disease and care challenges, overall health outcomes can be improved. “The Ten Steps model can help to control disease, preserve mobility and function, prevent disability and create inclusive communities for people affected by NTDs, disability or other health conditions,” says Linda Lehman, American Leprosy Missions’ Senior Advisor for Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention and principal author of the guide. “It is our hope that the publishing of this updated Ten Steps guide will enable many more people and communities to benefit from its approach.”

The complete Ten Steps package contains three sets of materials: a training guide, a summary card with key messages and actions, and a manager’s executive summary. Ten Steps: A guide for health promotion and empowerment of people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases, the Ten Steps Executive Summary and Ten Steps Summary Card are available to download for free at www.leprosy.org/ten-steps.

Individuals or groups interested in partnering with American Leprosy Missions to pilot the implementation of the Ten Steps materials should contact Jim Oehrig, Chief Program Officer, American Leprosy Missions, at [email protected] or [email protected].