Jennifer Albert, Donor Relations Manager

As donor relations manager, Jennifer seeks to cultivate personal relationships with supporters. She brings a passion for helping donors see the impact their gifts can have on the people we serve. Jennifer also manages the day-to-day planning and execution of donor-related events. Originally from Maine, Jennifer and her five siblings… Read More

Kelly Ballard, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

Kelly supports the president/CEO with scheduling, communication and organization, always managing to keep one step ahead of him. She also is responsible for handling board meetings and general office management. Kelly first joined American Leprosy Missions in 2004 working in the finance department. She later shifted to providing support to… Read More

Samantha Bryant, Donor Care Coordinator

Samantha is passionate about ensuring donor’s requests are answered to the very best of her ability. She also maintains data records, and makes sure they are accurate and up to date. Previously she worked in a variety of positions from Statue of Liberty waver to emergency service administrator. Each role… Read More

Christina Colton, Vice President of Development

Christina oversees the development team as it pursues its five-year strategic plan. She is also responsible for fostering relationships with donors, and for producing high-impact events on behalf of American Leprosy Missions. She has traveled to both India and Nepal to see God’s hand at work through the ministry of… Read More

Melissa Edmiston, M.P.H., Program Systems Analyst

Melissa supports the mission of American Leprosy Missions by developing systems to optimize program reporting and data management, collaborating across the team to ensure effective information exchange and organizational learning. Prior to joining American Leprosy Missions, Melissa worked with various global health and economic development projects in west and east… Read More

Beverly Elmore, Vice President of Finance

Beverly Elmore, Director of Finance

Beverly joined American Leprosy Missions more than 20 years ago. During this time, she has worked in all areas of the finance department. Beverly is responsible for overseeing the finance department, human resources and information systems. Beverly has a B.S. degree in financial management from Clemson University. She has a… Read More

Sarah Hesshaus, M.A., Vice President of Business Process & Communications

Sarah Hesshaus, M.A., Communications Manager

Sarah works to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and strategy throughout the organization. This includes collaborating with the leadership team to develop the organization’s strategy, working with departments to ensure plans and projects align to strategic priorities, and developing business processes. She also oversees communications strategy, editorial and creative… Read More

Kristin Knowles, M.B.A., Program Finance Manager

Kristin Knowles, M.B.A., Finance Specialist

Kristin uses her extensive experience to manage finances for the program department. Prior to joining American Leprosy Missions, Kristin worked with several other non-profit organizations which allowed her the opportunity to live and work in Portugal for a few years. She is a member of the Greenville, South Carolina chapter of… Read More

Julia Koepke, Strategic Partnerships Manager

Julia Koepke, Fundraising Coordinator

Julia manages relationships with the development department’s various outside vendors. Utilizing strategic decision-making, she ensures we optimize our partnerships. Prior to joining American Leprosy Missions, Julia worked as a marketing and development intern at a non-profit specializing in social services. She graduated with honors from Trinity Christian College with a B.A…. Read More

Ashley Kurtz, Accounting Specialist

Ashley helps manage day-to-day accounting functions as well as payroll and employee benefits. Before moving to the Greenville area, Ashley lived in Rock Hill, South Carolina where she graduated magna cum laude from York Technical College with an A.S. degree in accounting. A mother of two boys has little free… Read More

Jim Oehrig, M.A., Vice President of Integral Mission

Jim Oehrig, M.A., Chief Program Officer

Jim develops partnerships and collaborations with Christian organizations and churches in communities where American Leprosy Missions works. He ensures that the organization continues to implement programs in a way that honors God and protects and restores people’s dignity. Jim graduated from Houghton College with a B.A. and received a M.A. in Latin American studies/international development from… Read More

Darren Schaupp, M.A., Vice President of Programs

Darren leads the program team in implementing American Leprosy Missions’ five-year strategic plan. Previously he led Samaritan’s Purse’s work in Ethiopia, orchestrated emergency famine relief in East Africa and developed global field management guidelines. His non-profit experience also includes six years in Kenya as a program director and regional networker for Eastern… Read More

Bekah Schwanbeck, Donor Experience Manager

Bekah is passionate about ensuring our supporters’ experience is consistently excellent. She specializes in implementing national events and other types of engagements that build relationships with donors and churches. Although she’s a southern belle from Alabama, Bekah spent several years in Southern California working in ministry at Saddleback Church and… Read More

Bill Simmons, President and CEO

Bill is passionate about the mission of American Leprosy Missions. He sets the pace of the organization, helping to maximize the team’s potential. He brings more than twenty years of management experience to his role having served as President and CEO of two nationwide, Christian, retail chains. Born in Tennessee,… Read More

Stefanie Weiland, M.Sc., Vice President of Special Initiatives

Stefanie has a vision to help all people have access to quality health care. Expanding the AIM Initiative and leading American Leprosy Missions’ work to pioneer new systems and approaches to improve care and access for neglected people in the hardest places is her chief creative and mental occupation. Stefanie… Read More

Field Staff

Shyamala Anand, M.S., Regional Program Development Officer for Asia

Shyam is responsible for American Leprosy Missions’ program development in Asia with particular emphasis on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects. A medical and development professional with more than 30 years of experience with The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI), she combines clinical expertise with strategic, analytic and innovative thinking…. Read More

Sunil Anand, M.D., Regional Director for Asia

Sunil leads the implementation of American Leprosy Missions’ five-year strategic plan in Asia. A leprosy expert and dermatologist, he has more than 34 years of field and clinical experience in leprosy including reconstructive surgery, and proven strategic leadership and program management skills. Before joining American Leprosy Missions, Sunil served as executive… Read More

Sundeep Chaitanya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Director of Translational Research

Sundeep leads translational research initiatives, evaluating relevant projects, ensuring results and technical perspectives are published and providing technical support and training to staff and partners on translating NTD research into clinical application. He is based in the Structural Biology and Biocomputing Group at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge…. Read More

George Gitau, M.P.I.A., Regional Director for Africa

George leads the implementation of American Leprosy Missions’ strategic plan in Africa. He brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience to this role, having served with both Compassion International and World Vision International in the Africa region and in different countries in East, West and Central Africa. George… Read More

Paul Saunderson, M.D., MRCP, Medical/Research Director, Norway

Paul Saunderson, M.D., MRCP, Medical/Research Director, Norway

Paul received his medical degree from Cambridge University and has been involved in leprosy work since 1981. He directs all research-related initiatives for American Leprosy Missions and spends much of his time traveling and evaluating projects. Paul serves on several World Health Organization (WHO) advisory and technical committees and is… Read More

Tin Shwe, M.D., Medical Advisor

Tin Shwe, M.D., Country Representative, Myanmar

Tin Shwe began working with American Leprosy Missions in 2000 and is involved in all aspects of the leprosy work in Myanmar. He has been working with Myanmar’s national leprosy program for more than 35 years and has extensive experience in leprosy research and medical work. Tin Shwe is married and… Read More

Eroll Wekesa, Regional Program Officer for Africa

Eroll works to ensure a portfolio of projects in the Africa region are implemented and reported on with excellence. This includes understanding, communicating and implementing monitoring and evaluation best practices, donor requirements and organizational policies. He comes to the organization with more than 10 years of experience in designing, implementing… Read More