Protective Shoes

Leprosy can damage the feet, making walking impossible. But our special, protective shoes can change everything!protective shoes

Feet with nerve damage from leprosy can become cut or ulcerated, and then infected. This can lead to deformity and even amputation. Special footwear helps protect the feet.

Mobility is necessary to work in fields or to walk to a job. Protective shoes mean the difference between someone becoming self sufficient … or plunging further into poverty.

A pair of protective shoes:

  • Helps protect damaged feet and minimize limping with corrective insoles.
  • Eases the pressure on ulcerated, nerve-damaged, fragile skin.
  • Prevents cuts, blisters and infection.
  • Restores mobility so men, women and children disabled by leprosy can walk, work and take better care of themselves.

In 2018, thanks to your support, 3,679 pairs of special footwear were distributed.

Just $15 provides a pair of protective shoes and other life-transforming help for someone whose feet have been permanently disabled by the crippling effects of leprosy. Donate now.