Suman: Your Compassion Healed This Family

Seven-year-old Suman is the second of four children. His parents are agricultural workers in the fields of northern India.

Suman and his mother were both suffering from mysterious pain and swelling in their legs. They consulted several traditional healers but found no relief. The family was disappointed and worried. Suman was so sick he was missing school; his mother was ashamed of her deformed legs.

But one day Suman’s mother heard that American Leprosy Missions’ local partner had set up a temporary clinic nearby. At the clinic, Suman and his mother finally learned that they had lymphatic filariasis, a debilitating disease that causes swelling and deformity in the lower limbs. Thanks to your compassionate support, they received free treatment, special footwear and training in how to care for their legs and feet.

Thanks to your support, Suman is back in school.

Thanks to your support, Suman received the cure and self-care training, and now he is back in school.

Now they are regularly practicing self-care and doing all the necessary exercises. This has brought them incredible relief from the acute pain and swelling. Suman’s mother is now able to do the household chores and care for her family. And Suman is back in school.

Suman’s mother says, “I was not going to my mother’s house due to shame. Now I can visit her. The thoughts, attitudes and understanding of my family has been changed about this disease. Now my dream is that my son should become a teacher and help others in getting early treatment.”

Thank you for transforming the lives of people like Suman and his mother.