Shyam: “Today I Can See the Positive Results”

How You Saved This Man Stricken with Leprosy

He’s 45 now, but it was just seven years ago when Shyam Lal — this suffering man in India — noticed a problem with his feet.

For some strange reason, his feet had suddenly gone numb. He couldn’t feel it if he stepped on something sharp. He couldn’t feel it if something fell on his foot. He couldn’t even feel the earth he was standing on.

Shyam thought it was because of all the hard work he’d been doing. He took some home remedies. But the problem got worse. He even developed a huge open sore on his foot. When he saw it, he knew the time had come to see a health worker in his village.

Unfortunately, the health worker couldn’t diagnose Shyam’s problem and simply tried different medicines to see what might help. His condition worsened.

“During this period,” Shyam said, “the fingers of my hand got clawed and my eyes got affected. I was not able to close my eyes.”

Finally, a relative told Shyam to try a hospital supported by American Leprosy Missions, and that’s where he learned the truth: He had leprosy. Thankfully, because of your support, Shyam started receiving treatment immediately.

“I took multi-drug therapy without fail,” Shyam said. “Gradually I felt better, but even then I was worried about my clawed fingers and eyes.”

His leprosy cured, Shyam returned to the hospital and spoke with the doctor and the therapist about his eyes. “After a few days, I got my left eye operated on,” Shyam said. “And after the operation, the therapist assisted me.” Grateful to have the operation, Shyam felt better about his health.

He returned home, and was pleased to find that his family was supportive, motivating him to get better. Then, it was back to the hospital for another operation.

“I got my other eye operated on, too,” Shyam said, proudly. “Today I can see the positive results, and now I am confident that I will be able to live a normal life.” Positive results. Because of your generous support!