Pushp: A Life Transformed

Growing up in rural Nepal, Pushp lived a normal life. But, when he was in his late twenties, everything changed. He was diagnosed with leprosy.

His parents threw him out of the house. He was forced to live in a small, bare hut. He fell into deep depression.

Cure and Care

Fortunately he heard about our partner hospital. There, thanks to your faithful support, he received the cure for leprosy.

He also received a $185 microcredit loan to start a buffalo rearing business. Pushp was very successful. Sometimes he would rent his buffalo out for farming and for pulling carts. He was able to save some money, buy some land and repay his loan.

Pushp then joined a self-help group made up of people with leprosy and other marginalizing conditions. He was able to take a loan from the group to build a house for his wife and two daughters and set up a grocery shop.


Pushp in his grocery shop — one of many businesses you helped him start.

A Successful Entrepreneur

Remarkably, Pushp was able to save $3.70 per day, so he also started a goat rearing business and meat shop. Now he is able to pay for his daughters’ education, nutritious food and clothes. He initially faced a lot of problems from skeptical family members and neighbors. But, thanks to the support of people like you, his dignity has been restored and he has been empowered. He has worked very hard to earn money and restore his status in society.

New Life in Christ

What’s more, during his leprosy treatment at our partner hospital, Pushp was inspired by the Bible messages shared by Christian staff. And he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Today, Pushp’s life is completely changed. Thanks to your compassionate support, his life has been transformed. He has been restored to his family and his community, and to a relationship with his Lord and Creator. Rejoice!