Nazma: The Gifts That Changed Her Life


Where there’s poverty, there’s leprosy. And that’s certainly true for Nazma.

Living in a remote village in Bangladesh with her two young daughters, Nazma got leprosy 16 years ago. Although she was spared the disfigurements that this disease causes, she has nerve damage. It has left her hands numb.

Her only income was the few coins her daughter, just 14, shared from her meager pay at a clothing factory. But all that changed with your caring support.

“Before I was eating one meal a day,” Nazma said, “but now I’m eating two.” That’s because Nazma received a goat, which produces milk for food and to sell at the local market. Her goat has also given birth to three kids, and they can be sold as well.

In addition to the goats, Nazma received some chickens to be used for food and to sell. A goat, some chickens, simple gifts from supporters like you, saved Nazma’s life. She was on the verge of starvation, and she was so poor that she and her daughters were barely surviving.

But now she’s one step above extreme poverty. And it’s because generous supporters like you gave the gifts in our gift catalog. Simple gifts. Caring gifts. Lifesaving gifts.

And now you can save someone like Nazma. Give one or more of these special gifts now.