Marina: Rescue in the Rainforest

Marina is 15 years old, but only in the second grade. Her skin is covered in patches. Our partners at Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of the Congo just happened to find Marina when they were out visiting other patients in the rainforest.

Marina’s mother recently died and her father is out in the dense forest, hunting and gathering. She is nervous as the doctor examines her. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to have any nerve damage yet, despite the many patches all over her face and body. Marina clearly has leprosy.

Unfortunately, our partners did not have any antibiotics to give to her that day. In this remote, northern part of the country it is very difficult to get medicines and supplies.

Your gifts send the staff of Pioneer Christian Hospital deep into the rainforest to find and treat people like Marina.

Thankfully, weeks later, one of our teams arrived in the capital city, and embarked on a rescue mission. They went straight to the warehouse where the multi-drug therapy, the cure for leprosy, was being stored. Working with the Ministry of Health, they made sure that boxes of the cure were sent on a plane to Pioneer Christian Hospital.

Thanks to your help, we were able to get Marina the medicine she urgently needed. The antibiotics will stop this terrible disease before it causes permanent nerve damage and disabilities.

Your gifts are reaching deep into the tropical rainforest, transforming lives through cure and care. And you are supporting dedicated staff who are committed to bringing hope and healing – and the love of Jesus – to suffering people. Thank you!