Marc Jun: Stopping the Cycle of Devastation

In a remote village in the Philippines, fifteen-year-old Marc Jun’s father earns only $6 per day as a carpenter, hardly enough to feed everyone in their large family. To add to their hardship, both Marc Jun’s father and his older brother suffered from leprosy.

One day, whitish patches appeared Marc Jun’s chest and back. The family thought it was a fungal infection. But it didn’t go away. It even got worse. His mother was frantic. Finally, she thought to bring him to the clinic supported by American Leprosy Missions, the same clinic where Marc Jun’s father and brother had gone for treatment.

And it was there that they received the devastating diagnosis – Marc Jun had leprosy too. When they got the news, his mother just sat there and cried.

Even though Marc Jun’s family members had received the cure for leprosy, we had not been able to prevent him from getting leprosy too.

Marc Jun’s family was very poor. Their poverty had not stopped him from going to school. But leprosy did. The disease was so advanced by the time he was diagnosed that it required months of treatment at the clinic. So he fell behind in school. He missed playing with his friends. Leprosy made him feel defeated and beaten down, both physically and emotionally.

But thanks to your support, the staff at the clinic gave Marc Jun the cure for leprosy and expert, loving care. They provided him with counseling and even helped him catch up in school. They gave him hope.

A leprosy vaccine has been developed and manufactured. Now it’s ready for the Phase I clinical trial.

With your help we can cure leprosy and care for people affected by it. But we still can’t prevent this terrible, crippling disease. We can’t END it.

But we have exciting news, a breakthrough that will finally stop this cycle of devastation: a leprosy vaccine.

A leprosy vaccine has been developed and manufactured. And it’s finally ready for the Phase I clinical trial.

With a leprosy vaccine, hundreds of thousands of families like Marc Jun’s will never have to hear the devastating news that they have leprosy, nor suffer its debilitating effects.

A vaccine will stop parents from passing leprosy onto their children. It will prevent the suffering of children like Marc Jun.

A solution – a modern END to an ancient, terrible disease – is within our grasp.

But we need your help to get the vaccine through clinical trials. Join us!