Mangal: A Life Restored

Mangal: A Life Restored

Mangal’s name means “pure”, but when she was diagnosed with leprosy, her name became a joke. Family, friends, and neighbors all said that she must have sinned to bring this calamity upon herself. In their eyes, she was no longer pure. Her future had been full of promise. Now nobody would even speak to her. She had no hope.

Mangal received the cure for leprosy, but the damage to her nerves was permanent. At Vadala Mission, an American Leprosy Missions partner organization in India, Mangal finally received the care that would restore her life.

There, they taught her to care for her hands, feet, and eyes to limit damage and deformity. They helped her realize her dream of becoming a seamstress, teaching her to sew despite her disabilities. They counseled her family and conducted awareness programs in her village, teaching people that leprosy is a disease, not a curse. Soon, Mangal was no longer an outcast. Even the village girls came to her to learn to sew.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Mangal has a thriving business as a seamstress and a teacher. What’s more, she has her life back and she has hope.

Meet Mangal in this moving video.

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