Jitendra: Your Gifts Saved This Young Boy

Jitendra is a young boy living in a remote region in India. He doesn’t even remember his father, who died of AIDS when he was just 2 years old.

Since then, Jitendra’s family has been living with his grandmother. His mother and grandmother work hard as day laborers so he and his brother can go to school. A good student, his favorite subjects are science and geography.

The Terrible News

Jitendra was just 9 years old when he developed patches all over his body. Before he could get to a doctor, his left hand started to form into a claw.

His grandmother finally took him to the clinic, and there they learned the terrible truth: He had leprosy. Thankfully he was able to receive antibiotics to cure his leprosy.

But he still needed help with his hand. So the doctor at the clinic referred Jitendra to our partner, Vadala Mission Hospital.

A Life-Changing Surgery, Thanks to You

Jitendra was admitted to the hospital for a month. He learned to take care of his hands and feet. But Jitendra very desperately wanted his left hand fixed, since boys in school had been teasing him because his hand was deformed.

Thanks to your generous support, he had surgery to straighten the fingers on his left hand. The hospital staff also visited his village and had a leprosy awareness program in his school.

Jitendra is fine now and very happy. He wants to be a doctor so that he can heal many patients. He thanks God for his healthy hand.

Isn’t it great to know that you changed this boy’s life? This is the good your gifts do for people like Jitendra all around the world.

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