Anamie: She Cried and Cried Until You Helped

Anamie lives in a small town on an island in the Philippines. She was 12 when small rashes appeared on her cheeks. “We thought that seeking help from the clinic would be expensive,” says her mom. “That’s why we ignored the rashes.” It was only when the rashes became thicker and bigger that they decided to go the clinic supported by American Leprosy Missions. It was there that Anamie learned she had leprosy. She also learned that, thanks to your support, she would receive free treatment!

But Anamie was very scared. She says, “I was so shocked and depressed when I found out I had leprosy. Why me? What have I done wrong?  I was in denial. I was so scared that I thought of quitting school.” Anamie was worried her teachers and friends would reject her. But counseling from the clinic and the prayers and support of her family helped her regain her strength. “I gradually regained confidence and went back to school,” she says. “Surprisingly, my teachers and friends stood by me. I was deeply touched by their support and compassion.”

Then, a typhoon struck, and the family went through another trial. Anamie’s mom says, “We lost our house. It was blown away by strong winds. But our sad experience from Anamie’s illness made us realize that not even a typhoon could come between us. We know we will survive. Our faith in God will see us through.”

Thanks to your faithful support, Anamie has completed her treatment. And your generous gifts have also helped her family to rebuild their home.

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