Patient Stories

Rose and Lucky: God at Work in Ghana

Rose and her husband farm maize and beans in Ghana. They have seven children. Lucky is their 16-year-old son. About two years ago, an ulcer developed on his leg. His mom took him to a local clinic where, thanks to your support, he was tested and diagnosed with Buruli ulcer…. Read More

Marina: Rescue in the Rainforest

Marina is 15 years old, but only in the second grade. Her skin is covered in patches. Our partners at Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of the Congo just happened to find Marina when they were out visiting other patients in the rainforest. Marina’s mother recently died and her… Read More

Owen: This Little Boy Has a Special Wish at Christmas

“I wish to be well before Christmas so mother will be happy on Christmas,” says Owen, a precious little seven-year-old boy who came with his mother to Cebu Skin Clinic, our partner in the Philippines. There was a white lesion on his backside that never seemed to go away. “After… Read More

Patili Maya: A Woman of Value

Patili Maya lives in a small village in rural Nepal. A few years ago, she started to notice a loss of feeling in her feet. They developed wounds that wouldn’t heal. Her hands slowly became paralyzed. Eventually she was diagnosed with leprosy and received Multi-Drug Therapy. But she was left… Read More

Marc Jun: Stopping the Cycle of Devastation

In a remote village in the Philippines, fifteen-year-old Marc Jun’s father earns only $6 per day as a carpenter, hardly enough to feed everyone in their large family. To add to their hardship, both Marc Jun’s father and his older brother suffered from leprosy. One day, whitish patches appeared Marc… Read More

Khecy: You Make a Dream Come True

It was November 4, 2008 when Khecy’s life turned upside down. It’s safe to say that Christmas was her hardest ever. As the oldest of three siblings, Khecy was often tasked with overseeing her younger siblings while her parents worked. They were a very poor but happy family. Khecy was… Read More

Mia and Ria: Twice the Blessing

Ten years ago, when identical twins Ria and Mia first came to Cebu Skin Clinic, our partner in the Philippines, they were seven years old. They had been suffering from persistent skin rashes. Ria had a lesion on her left arm, and Mia had one on her left cheek. It… Read More

Pushp: A Life Transformed

Growing up in rural Nepal, Pushp lived a normal life. But, when he was in his late twenties, everything changed. He was diagnosed with leprosy. His parents threw him out of the house. He was forced to live in a small, bare hut. He fell into deep depression. Cure and… Read More

Sarbasiya: She Was Stricken, She Was Saved

“My life was very happy before leprosy,” Sarbasiya says. A wistful look appears as she thinks about the past. “I have six children, and we had a good life. My husband was very kind to me. When he would come from work, he would see my face and tell me… Read More

Suman: Your Compassion Healed This Family

Seven-year-old Suman is the second of four children. His parents are agricultural workers in the fields of northern India. Suman and his mother were both suffering from mysterious pain and swelling in their legs. They consulted several traditional healers but found no relief. The family was disappointed and worried. Suman… Read More

Leticia: Cured Times Two

Seven-year-old Leticia lives with her family in a thatched-roof hut in rural Côte d’Ivoire. One day, a neighbor noticed an odd swelling on Leticia’s right elbow. He had heard radio ads warning about such symptoms. He thought it might be serious. So he advised Leticia’s family to take her to… Read More

Shyam: “Today I Can See the Positive Results”

How You Saved This Man Stricken with Leprosy He’s 45 now, but it was just seven years ago when Shyam Lal — this suffering man in India — noticed a problem with his feet. For some strange reason, his feet had suddenly gone numb. He couldn’t feel it if he… Read More

Mainudin: God Raised This Man Up

With Your Support He Beat Leprosy His name is Mainudin, and he lives in a village in Nepal. A mountain range stands in the distance. Bicycles and cows move slowly along the dirt road. When Mainudin was diagnosed with leprosy, it was a tragedy for him and his mother. And… Read More

Ernawati: This Young Widow Thanks YOU for Saving Her from Leprosy

It was about four years ago when Ernawati first began to think she might have leprosy. The disease is common in her country of Indonesia. But at just 28 years old, she was terrified of what her family and her neighbors would think if it was true. “I was suspecting,” she… Read More

Sarah: This Young Mom’s Joy Overflows

How Your Gifts Blessed Her, in Her Own Words Sarah is a young mom in Africa who has suffered terribly from the flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer. But thanks to you, she’s received treatment, a skin graft and a micro-credit loan to help her set up a shop and provide for… Read More

Jitendra: Your Gifts Saved This Young Boy

Jitendra is a young boy living in a remote region in India. He doesn’t even remember his father, who died of AIDS when he was just 2 years old. Since then, Jitendra’s family has been living with his grandmother. His mother and grandmother work hard as day laborers so he… Read More

Anamie: She Cried and Cried Until You Helped

Anamie lives in a small town on an island in the Philippines. She was 12 when small rashes appeared on her cheeks. “We thought that seeking help from the clinic would be expensive,” says her mom. “That’s why we ignored the rashes.” It was only when the rashes became thicker… Read More

Sein Nu: Your Compassion Sends Loving Care

Living in Myanmar, Sein Nu sits in her bamboo hut. Dressed in peasant’s clothes, she also wears the signs of leprosy. The bridge of her nose has collapsed. Her hands are claws, and she has lost some of her fingers. Her feet are swollen and deformed, and she’s lost some… Read More

Dhrahori : Finding New Life

Dhrahori remembers when she got leprosy. It was 11 years ago. She was 34 and married. Her main fear was that her husband would disown her and throw her out of the house. That’s what happens so often to people with leprosy in countries like Nepal, where Dhrahori lives. Victims… Read More

A Blessing for Sarita


How You Helped Her Find Healing, Respect and Jesus’ Love, in Her Own Words “When I was 10 years old, I developed white patches on my body. All I knew was that I had a skin problem. When I was 16, I started getting ulcers, and then I knew that… Read More