A Pair of Shoes Changes Everything


Your gifts provide life-changing shoes.

Leprosy can damage the feet, making walking impossible. But our special, protective shoes can change everything. Thanks to your compassionate support, dozens of people have received shoes in two districts of Côte d’Ivoire. These sturdy shoes allow people to walk without hurting their nerve-damaged feet. Then they can get around to do their daily work.


Valentine thanks you for her new, special shoes.

Here’s what two of the grateful shoe recipients had to say:

“I used to have to travel a long way to receive care. Sometime, I had no money to go. I stayed here in the village and my foot went from bad to worse. I say thank you for coming here to take care of us. Thanks to these new shoes, I can walk without pain. My wounds on my feet were well treated and I can now move easily.” – Valentine

“These shoes have given me hope to live in my community. With these beautiful shoes, I am proud to wear them and show them to everyone. I say thank you to you who have thought about our comfort. God bless you and give you a lot of money to continue your mission!” – Clément