Leprosy Photos

Every two minutes, someone around the world is diagnosed with leprosy. These leprosy photos show the crippling deformities and hardship that leprosy causes.

Leprosy attacks the nerves. Hands can become numb and small muscles are paralyzed. Some of the leprosy photos below show how this can lead to curling of the fingers and thumb.

When leprosy attacks nerves in the legs, the feet can be damaged by untended wounds and infection. Repeated injury and infection of numb areas in the fingers or toes can cause the bones to shorten. Serious, untreated wounds lead to amputations, as seen in the leprosy photos below. If the facial nerve is affected, a person loses the blinking reflex of the eye, which can eventually lead to blindness.

Untreated, leprosy can cause deformity, crippling and blindness. Donate now to stop the suffering.

Leprosy causes crippling disabilities and victims often face difficult lives of shame and isolation. Donate now to stop the suffering.