Hope Amid the Rubble: Nepal One Year Later

Dhurba-American Leprosy Missions-Nepal-300w

Dhurba’s broad smile shows how thankful he is for your generous support.

One late Saturday morning in April, the earth suddenly began to shake and roll. Terrified people rushed into the street. Buildings crumbled. Dust and cries filled the air.

The devastating April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and left more than four million without adequate shelter.

Dhurba Gautum, a 59-year-old man living in a village just west of the capital, survived the earthquake. But his home and wheelchair did not.

Disabled by leprosy, Dhurba needs a wheelchair to get around. But his wheelchair was buried in the rubble of his home.

Fortunately, Dhurba is a member of a self-help group supported by our partner, Anandaban Hospital. The group has 20 members who are affected by leprosy, disabled or otherwise marginalized.

All the members’ houses collapsed or were damaged during the earthquake.

But thanks to your faithful support, the members found hope amid the rubble. They received grants to enable them to build temporary shelters.

The remains of Dhurba's home.

Dhurba’s home, and his wheelchair, were destroyed during the Nepal earthquake. This is all that remains of his house.

And Dhurba got a new wheelchair. Thanks to compassionate people like you.

Since the earthquake, your gifts have been mobilized to provide medical care, counseling, shelter, food and other emergency aid to some of the poorest people in Nepal.

Overall, more than 1,400 households in 11 districts have received recovery support. Thank you!