Good News of God at Work


Janani proudly displays her new Bible.

Janani’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 23:1-2. This sweet girl received one of 192 Tamil Bibles that were handed out to enthusiastic residents of the Attur leprosy colony in India.

Janani’s grandparents have been disabled by leprosy. When she grows up, Janani wants to be a doctor so she can help people like them.

Attur leprosy colony - group-resized

Residents of the Attur leprosy colony are thankful for the Bibles you provided.

Thanks to your generous support, the Good News is being spread around the world!

What’s more, another 96 Bibles were distributed in Thanjavur leprosy colony during an evening worship service.

Thank you for equipping people affected by leprosy with the Word of God.