Fighting a Flesh-Eating Disease in Africa

Fighting a Flesh-Eating Disease

Thanks to your faithful support, jeeps carry crucial supplies to remote areas of the DR Congo.

The flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer attacks children and adults, leaving open wounds and causing disabilities. In the DR Congo this terrible disease is disabling and marginalizing people every day.

Working through our local partner hospital, American Leprosy Missions provides treatment for Buruli ulcer including reconstructive surgeries and pastoral care.

Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, we also invest in the health of the surrounding communities.

This includes:

  • raising awareness about Buruli ulcer on radio and TV,
  • training community health workers to recognize and treat the disease, and
  • supplying critical materials and medicines.
Fighting a Flesh-Eating Disease

Your gifts helped train these health workers how to find Buruli ulcer, and how to fight it.

Community work often involves traveling long distances on rough roads by jeep or motorcycle. And when the jeep gets stuck, it means traveling on foot, carrying crucial supplies.

Thank you for your partnership in the fight against Buruli ulcer. And thank you for making a difference in the lives of boys, girls, men and women in the DR Congo.