Sundeep Chaitanya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Director of Translational Research

Sundeep leads translational research initiatives, evaluating relevant projects, ensuring results and technical perspectives are published and providing technical support and training to staff and partners on translating NTD research into clinical application. He is based in the Structural Biology and Biocomputing Group at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge. Sundeep was born and brought up at Bethesda Leprosy Hospital in South India where his father worked with leprosy-affected people for many years. Having seen the suffering of the leprosy patients from his childhood, he developed a strong passion for a scientific research career in leprosy. Sundeep received his doctoral degree in Molecular Biology and Immunology of Leprosy while working at the Stanley Browne Research Laboratory of The Leprosy Mission Trust India in New Delhi and later continued his research work at the Schieffelin Institute of Health-Research and Leprosy Centre in Karigiri – India. Sundeep loves traveling and reading books. Now, he often waits for the weekend to explore places in and around Cambridge.