Nepal Housing Project

FRIENDS  American Leprosy Missions + Fellowship Greenville

NEIGHBORS  Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital in Nepal

RESIDENTS  People suffering from leprosy

Homes for the Healers

You have a special opportunity to transform the lives of people on the frontlines of the fight against leprosy.

Fellowship Greenville will match your donation and double the impact of your gift to help provide homes for the healers.

The dedicated staff at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital in Nepal serve thousands of people marginalized and rejected by leprosy. This terrible disease damages nerves and can lead to lifelong disabilities, stigma and isolation.

Our partners at Lalgadh Hospital are committed to bringing hope and healing to suffering people.

Yet these faithful servants live in deplorable conditions.

The staff houses were built more than 25 years ago. Recent earthquakes have caused serious structural damage. Cracks and holes let in venomous snakes. Monsoon rains leak in.

Your donation will help give the staff and their families safe homes.

People like staff engineer Bijay and his family, pictured above. And people like nurse Krishna Maya, whose father had leprosy.

Each family unit costs just $18,953 to restore, and 16 need to be renovated.

Your gift will help provide these nurses, doctors and professional staff with safe, renovated homes, strengthened against earthquakes. And, thanks to matching funds from Fellowship Greenville, your gift will double in impact.

The staff at Lalgadh Hospital work tirelessly, sometimes seeing more than 800 patients per day, sharing the love of Christ and providing expert care.

Now you can encourage them and show them the love of Christ by helping to restore their homes.

Donate now to provide homes for the healers – the people on the frontlines of the fight against leprosy.

Thank you and God bless you.