Republic of the Congo

American Leprosy Missions partners with a Christian hospital and local churches in the remote northern jungle of the Republic of the Congo to cure and care for underserved people suffering from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like leprosy, Buruli ulcer and yaws.

Your Support Transforms Lives By

  • Finding and treating people suffering from NTDs
  • Providing nutrition assistance
  • Preventing and managing disabilities
  • Training health workers to find and treat NTDs
  • Providing community health education
  • Creating and distributing special protective footwear
  • Providing reconstructive surgeries
  • Sharing the love of Jesus through discipleship, Bible studies, radio ministry


Major Objectives and Activities

  • Identify new cases of neglected diseases early, especially leprosy, Buruli ulcer and yaws
    • Conduct examinations
    • Train health workers, volunteers, pastors and staff to recognize neglected diseases
    • Broadcast disease awareness messages on radio and TV
  • Provide quality treatment and care for people suffering from neglected diseases
    • Provide special, protective footwear, bandages and medicines
    • Conduct skin graft and ulcer surgeries
    • Visit patients at their homes to give counseling and training in prevention of disability
  • Establish self-care groups and provide holistic community health education
    • Conduct self-care training and self-care group meetings
    • Provide bicycles and motorcycles for health workers and volunteers to reach patients
    • Support radio programs that provide health education

FY 2019 Budget      



2,800 patients and their communities, primarily among the Aka people ‒ oppressed, semi-nomadic, hunter-gatherers in the tropical rainforest in the northeastern part of the country

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Projects and Partners

Kimia Center Neglected Tropical Disease Outreach
Partner: Pioneer Christian Hospital, Global Outreach Mission

Country Facts

  • Average adult mortality rate is 266 per 1,000
  • 46% of employed citizens work for $3.10 a day


Download Republic of the Congo Country Profile pdf.