Children with leprosy in the Philippines


For more than 100 years, American Leprosy Missions has worked with local partners to cure and care for people suffering from leprosy in the Philippines.

Your Support Transforms Lives By

  • Finding, diagnosing and treating people with leprosy and other skin diseases
  • Providing community health education programs
  • Training health workers
  • Preventing disabilities
  • Researching new and better ways to diagnose and treat leprosy
  • Providing self-care training to affected people


Major Objectives and Activities

  • Find new leprosy cases
    • Diagnose and treat patients at the clinic
    • Conduct community screenings and health education campaigns
  • Provide quality treatment
    • Monitor patients on Multi-Drug Therapy
    • Provide treatment for leprosy reaction
    • Conduct basic self-care training for patients
    • Provide disability prevention and management services
  • Train health workers to properly diagnose and treat leprosy

FY 2019 Budget      



17,000 patients a year with skin diseases, including more than 300 affected by leprosy

Date Started in Country


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Story:  You Make a Dream Come True

It was November 4, 2008 when Khecy’s life turned upside down. It’s safe to say that Christmas was her hardest ever. As the oldest of three siblings, Khecy was often tasked with overseeing her younger siblings while her parents worked. They were a very poor but happy family. Khecy was enjoying her life. She says, “I thought I had the perfect life . . . at least, until the day I learned I had leprosy.” Read more.

Projects and Partners

Cebu Skin Clinic
Partner: Leonard Wood Memorial

Country Facts

  • 32% of the population lives on $3.10 a day
  • 12th most populated country in the world
  • One of the first countries to start using Multi-Drug Therapy, the cure for leprosy


Download Philippines Country Profile pdf.