In Ghana, American Leprosy Missions works with local partners to cure people with leprosy and other Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), train health workers, locate affected people and help ensure they have access to quality, affordable care.

Your Support Transforms Lives By

  • Finding and treating people suffering from neglected diseases like leprosy and Buruli ulcer
  • Training health workers how to diagnosis and treat neglected diseases
  • Raising community awareness about leprosy and related diseases
  • Strengthening the health system
  • Mapping NTDs and related disabilities in partnership with the Ministry of Health in order to better target resources

Major Objectives and Activities

  • Strengthen the capacity of health workers to detect, diagnose and treat Buruli ulcer, leprosy, yaws and other NTDs in five districts
    • Train 70 health workers and nurses
    • Procure medicines and conduct lab tests
  • Increase awareness of Buruli ulcer, leprosy, yaws and other NTDs among community members
    • Broadcast health education information on radio and television
    • Print and distribute health education materials
    • Reach people with information on the signs and symptoms of NTDs through community events
  • Increase surveillance for Buruli ulcer, leprosy, yaws and other NTDs
  • Collect and map data on NTDs and related disabilities to better target resources and ensure access to health services

FY 2018 Budget      



21,000 people in five districts in the Brong Ahafo region, including screening 1,000 community members for NTDs and reaching 2,500 community members with information on the signs and symptoms of NTDs, plus the more than 9,000 people with lymphatic filariasis, yaws, leprosy and Buruli ulcer throughout the country.

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Story: This Young Mom’s Joy Overflows

Sarah is a young mom in Africa who has suffered terribly from the flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer. But thanks to you, she’s received treatment, a skin graft and a micro-credit loan to help her set up a shop and provide for her family. Let her tell you her story. Read more.

Projects and Partners

Neglected Tropical Disease Control 
Partners: Sustainable Mission Aid (SMAID); Ghana Health Services, Government of Ghana

AIM Initiative
Partner: Ghana Health Services, Government of Ghana

Country Facts

  • Life expectancy is 61 years
  • 28% of population lives on $1.25 a day
  • Second highest number of Buruli ulcer cases worldwide
  • Approximately 57% of the population is under the age of 25


Download Ghana Country Profile pdf.