Nazrana, Nepal


Six-year-old Nazrana lives with her mother and four siblings in a small village in Nepal. Her father left the family because her mother had leprosy. Now Nazrana has leprosy too. She is the youngest patient at Lalgadh hospital.

This adorable little girl arrived with pale patches all over her body. She also had clawed and weak fingers.

Thanks to your support, Nazrana was quickly diagnosed with leprosy and given the cure, Multi-Drug Therapy. Later, due to complications, she was admitted to the hospital. During her stay Nazrana is taking literacy classes. And every day she does hand exercises in the physiotherapy unit to improve the strength of her fingers.

Nazrana is a delight — her lovely smile makes everyone around her happy. Thank you for your generous support which gives healing and brings smiles to the faces of little girls like Nazrana.

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