Minu, Bangladesh


Minu is very nervous. She was diagnosed with leprosy today. At the young age of 13, she is obviously still unsure of what’s happening. Her brother has come with her to the health clinic for support, but her parents are both working. Minu says, “I’m very sad that I have leprosy. I’m worried that people in school or where I live may say bad things about me.” She suspected that her skin patch was leprosy after a health worker put up posters in her school with examples of patches caused by leprosy. Fortunately, thanks to supporters like you, Minu has come to the right place.

Thank you for your generous support which helps raise awareness about leprosy and funds clinics where children like Minu can receive care and the cure. Your gifts are helping to stop leprosy. You are saving lives, preventing disability and suffering for children, men and women around the world. Thank you!

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