Manjit, India

Living in central India, Manjit, nine, is the youngest of six children. His father is the sole breadwinner, carrying goods in a cart.

Manjit came to the hospital with multiple deformities from leprosy; clawed hands and foot drop. He received the cure and had reconstructive surgery on his hands and right foot. Manjit will soon undergo surgery for his left foot as well.

A quiet boy, Manjit is fond of tech gadgets. He is often seen playing games on the computer. The hospital staff is quite fond of him. Manjit also spends his time in the counseling room, playing with the toys.

Manjit has been blessed to receive treatment at an early age. Thanks to people like you, he has received the cure and care he so desperately needed.Manjit-cropped-150x150

But there are thousands of children around the world who need the cure and care before they become disabled. In India alone there were 11,365 new cases of leprosy reported in children last year.

Donate now to cure a child like Manjit. 

If children and adults are diagnosed and treated early, disabilities can be prevented.

If we reach them in time, we can stop children like Manjit from facing deformities and surgeries; we can spare them so much suffering.

Together we can stop leprosy disabilities in children.

Watch a video of Manjit (Manjeet) receiving treatment at the hospital in India.